Tuesday July 24, 2012

crowdfunding journalism – matt ingram

wired health conference and vertical – goga

learning how to persuade – coding horror

cloud based b2b networking – wired

weather channel and multi-screening – bi

fun science space probes out of whack – nyt

goldman – p2p and inducement – blog

lincoln’s emancipation proclamation context – nyt

nominalizations – nyt

getting addicted to tech – nyt

eating garden snails – blog and here is a second linkĀ  and this one with a recipe for stuffed mushrooms

a biography of churchill six parts

Saturday July 21, 2012

reassessing zimbabwe land reform – nyt

gun control? gail collins after the aurora shooting

business model generation – from steve blank

biogesign – helping medical tech innovators

facebook’s coming demise? from technology review

crowdfunding for farmers? Good talks about a Bulgarian farm kickstarter

ugandan solar charger concept . good

nexus 7 as a remote – fred wilson

startup to convert to ipad mode MAZ – from BI

party pizza – dave lebowitz

making mozarella – instructables

remembering gordon jackson