friday august 17, 2012

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Her Enemies Don’t Have Orgasms

Helen Gurley Brown was controversial. As editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, she advanced the proposition in print that women should have more and better sex whether married or not. Some thought that this message is in poor taste. Others thought it debases women. But like it or not, it is a message that sold a huge number of magazines over many, many years.

The mere fact that Ms Brown was able to sell her message suggests that a significant number of women have thought that it is … engaging. If so, isn’t it better to have an open forum about something that happens than to pretend that it doesn’t? And should openly enjoying sex be part of the good life for all concerned? I would guess that even after fifty years of Cosmo, people still disagree on both questions.

But there is a funny side to this. If Ms Brown was a champion for more and better orgasms for women, did her enemies not have these?  That may be what Helen Gurley Brown actually thought.

After a long and successful career, Helen Gurley Brown passed away a few days ago.


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