Monday August 20, 2012

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trying to be like a famous person?  like orwell or hemingway? Beware of yoking your wagon to a fixed thing. Like dragging an anchor

from culture to business? are we forgetting that at the core of every transaction is a story? And the quality of those stories builds the capacity for “value added” activity?

Relax and Enjoy?

You have probably heard by now that the rate of innovation around the globe is accelerating. Good for the world! But not so great for me. Why? Because the more I worry about keeping up, the harder it is to keep up.

That may sound odd. But there is a reason. In order to keep up, I need to see what is happening. And I see things via the right side of my brain (not the left). So far so good. Now here is the problem. The right side of the brain cannot speed up. As John Cleese reminds us, that is what the left side of the brain does. It is always trying to go faster. This means that as I try harder, my thinking gets less creative and more mechanical. I learn less.

So what to do? Well, Jim Altucher may have the right idea. While we may not want to do it, we should slow down. Do less. Fail more. Enjoy things more. And see them for what they are more clearly.

Wahabis and Salafis – nyt


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