Friday, August 24, 2012

Ryan and Rand– krugman – nyt

the RIAA bailout act – tech dirt

Dave Pogue on hollywood and piracy – tech dirt

asimov on wheat beer – nyt

indiegogo going international for share investing – giga

twitter as a media shill – giga

so long to the sob vidal – nyt

cohen on afghan hyposcrasy – nyt

introducing the cadilac ATS – nyt

The Gurgling Cod – written by a friend’s brother. It’s mostly about food, but also veers into culture and politics from time to time.

Techman’s World – written by AVC community member Michael Hazell. It’s mostly tech reviews, news, and commentary.

Tracey Talks – written by screenwriter and author Tracey Jackson. Tracey Talks is a wide ranging blog about life, culture, and other interesting stuff.

Arnold’s Wine Blog – everyone here knows Arnold. And Arnold knows wine. Enough said.

Becker Posner Blog – written by University of Chicago Professors Richard Posner and Gary Becker. This is the home of serious thought on the web. Amazing stuff. – nobody does the “picture plus a few choice words” thing better than Andy.


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