Monday August 27, 2012

the privatization process via nasa at

iridium bet on spacex – an amazing story – giga

less exercise, more weight loss? atl

barefoot university – Gandhi lives – TED

dinner – onion stew – slowly saute onions in oil then add finely chopped zuchini salt and some balsamic. Simmer slowly – then add halved cherry tomatoes and a bit of chopped chorizo. I added one piece of shaslok as well. slow simmer for a while. Then add one can of that great black bean soup. Simmer to meld. To serve – in a bowl, top with yoghurt, spring onion and some marinated olives




Losing the European cosmopolitan ideal – nyt

The economic crisis that has plagued us may be the precursor to something worse. A loss of cosmopolitan ideals and a return to more parochial politics

wyden and bipartisanship – keller NYT

winner take all politics in Washington is weakening the ability of legislators to think outside the box

coming soon netflix tv – giga

It is only a matter of time before web video becomes web based TV. Netflix is a leader in building a new business model around that idea

Furious Finns? – Economist

Some Finns see themselves as big losers in making a grand bargain to save the euro. And they may not have that much to lose by exiting. Hmmm …


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